Top Out Brewery - Edinburgh

Top Out Brewery - Edinburgh

Topographical illustrations are the focus for Top Out Brewery's designs, by James King.

Top Out’s beer labels show extracts of Ordnance Survey maps depicting famous (mostly Scottish) mountains, because climbing is head brewer, Michael Hopert’s, great passion. Each of the labels show the route to the summit ‘topping out’ in the ‘O’ of Top Out, with the height subtly labelled.


I love the thought that's gone into the idea behind clips. It's a simple concept, executed beautifully - and who doesn't love a good map? At a distance these map illustrations will look quite abstract, but reward the drinker with the detail when they arrive to inspect what beer is on offer. 

Great use of colour helps distinguish the different beers, but each clip has it's unique mountain profile for that too - and is probably a great bit of fun for mountaineers to identify the ascent in question. Lovely work.

Imagery courtesy of Top Out Brewing. Reproduced by kind permission.