Belleville Brewing - London

Belleville Brewing - London

U.S. style look for Belleville Brewing, by London based Taylor/Thomas.

Starting life after dads from South London Belleville Primary School got together and formed a microbrewery, the shared passion for American craft beers needed to manifest itself in this brewery's branding.

Taylor/Thomas developed a clean and simple framework for bottle, clip and more recently can designs, all headed up with a distinctive brand mark created by American typographer Simon Walker (creator of California-based Modern Times logo also).

I'm a fan of the simple execution here - a confident use of white space (something which seems lacking in the majority of brewery branding), is a fearless move and lets the classic looking logo and the individual beer names stand out on the bar and bottle. No-fuss.

Imagery courtesy of Taylor/Thomas and Belleville Brewing. Reproduced by kind permission.