Grain Brewery - Norfolk

Grain Brewery - Norfolk

Striking rebrand to mark Grain Brewery's decade in brewing, by Creative Giant.

Grain Brewery tasked Creative Giant with creating a new identity that would firmly position the brand for the next 10 years and deliver a platform to introduce their new keg-based lagered products to market. Eschewing the wholesome, rural image of their previous look, Creative Giant looked at vintage farm machinery and agricultural equipment and their associated typography, and developed this into a sleek, simple and bold new look.

I can really see the badges and grilles of old-style tractors in the label design and shapes used here, and the use of the uppercase heavy font reinforces the vehicle badge style. I like the brand marque which manages to look like an ear of corn as well as vehicle tracks with a letter 'G' incorporated to great effect, and is a slick reinterpretation of the original ear of corn used in the brewery's previous branding. 

I can really see this creative working well for a long time to come for Grain Brewing.


Imagery courtesy of Creative Giant. Reproduced by kind permission.