Hoppy Seabird from Gower Brewery, Swansea

Hoppy Seabird from Gower Brewery, Swansea

Charming and playful designs for Gower Brewery by Limegreentangerine.

In early 2017 Swansea’s Gower Brewery launched a new craft beer range,'Hoppy Seabird' featuring designs developed by Limegreentangerine.


The three beers, Nosedive APA, Rockers IPA and Light44 Lager (with a fourth coming soon) balance modern with nostalgic, so the designs needed to reflect this. The packaging employs a restrained colour palette and bold type (set in a sea-worthily chunky uppercase face of course) alongside a playful seagull character in different poses on each beer. Simplicity is the key here, to cut through the shelf noise of more decorated and busy labels of other beers.


Alex Down, Senior Designer at Limegreentangerine said about the work: “We developed the Hoppy Seabird concept, taking cues from common elements of the established Gower Brewery badges; combining the seagull ‘centurions’ and the hop detailing to create a personable packaging that makes nest for a striking illustrative identity.”


Images courtesy of Limegreentangerine. Reproduced by kind permission.