Manual Brewing, Dundee

Manual Brewing, Dundee

Modernism rules for new brewery Manual Brewing by Union Creative.

Magnet 3D Can Overlay3.jpg

There’s a real simple beauty to the modernist illustrations and restrained and contained typography adorning the first three beer releases from Dundee brewery, Manual.

Contributions by illustrators Chris Connarty and Studio Halftone remind me of the work of Lester Beall whilst the typography comes across as quite reminiscent of some of Burton Kramer’s output.

The purposeful removal of some of the ‘A’ lettering (see some of the social media tweets in this respect too) and the use of the underline/block-out rectangle are visually pleasing additional well placed touches.

Magnet 3D Can Overlay2.jpg
Magnet 3D tee.jpg
Magnet 3D Can Overlay1.jpg
Magnet 3D Web.jpg
label detail.jpg

Non design geek craft beer drinkers will no doubt enjoy the results too - the ever important shelf standout with attractive imagery and clearly definable beer styles! The work carries out nicely onto other collateral too - from apparel through to the website.

Great work - look forward to seeing this developing as the brewery expands it’s range.

Imagery reproduced by kind permission of Union Creative.