Manchester Union, Manchester

Manchester Union, Manchester

Manchester’s first and only dedicated craft lager brewery, Manchester Union by Studio DBD.

A first for the blog - creative for a brewery (as yet) without beer…

The mission behind Manchester Union is to not be just another brewery but to brew one product and one product only. Lager.


Central to the branding is a heraldic motif featuring a ‘Lion-Bee’ - a hybrid creature with the bee representing effort and the lion wisdom.

Dave Sedgewick, of Studio DBD says of the work: “The aim of Manchester Union is to create a lager that brings the people of Manchester together. Manchester changed the course of the world by the sheer force of the union of its people through wisdom and effort - a motto which is proudly part of the Manchester coat of arms. The motto is adapted in everything the brewery strives to be. 


The tone of voice and marketing materials also take reference from the language of the trade unions and employ old imagery taken from traditional Mancunian scenes.”

I really like this work - the central illustration manages to be both traditional looking but unashamedly modern at the same time and, coupled with the beautiful typographic work, comes together to communicate perfectly what the brewery are trying to achieve. It’s a bold move for a brewery to focus on producing a single beer style, but the branding alone shows that this will surely very soon become a familiar fixture on the city’s bar taps.


The brewery will be brewing lager very soon. Follow @mcrunionlager for more.

Imagery reproduced by kind permission of Studio DBD