North Brewing Co - Leeds

North Brewing Co - Leeds

Striking can designs for North Bar's brewery outfit North Brewing Co by Refold.

The thirst for craft cans continues unabated with these arresting little numbers which riff on the distinctive North Bar/North Brewing co brand mark. 

That patterning and bold colouring work so well together, and I really like the overlaid four letter abbreviations of the beer names in huge type. What doesn't come across on screen is the tactile nature of the labels too. I got old of a can of the Transmission IPA a while back and the matt finishing feels really good in hand - a nice touch which sets them apart from the more mass produced cans with onbody print.

James Ockelford from Refold has this to say on the creative: “The can design represents a continuation of our love affair with the North Brewing Co arrows. We have had a bit of fun playing with various finishes. The colours should seem familiar – you will likely have seen them on keg badges at North Bar et al, Belgrave, Headrow House and Sheaf St Cafeteria for months now.”

Imagery courtesy of North Brewing Co & Refold. Reproduced by kind permission.