Revolutions Brewing, Yorkshire

Revolutions Brewing, Yorkshire

A radical rebrand for musically inspired brewery, Revolutions Brewing, by ELG.

And let's be clear, this is radical. If you aren't familiar with how this brewery's beers looked before this impressive creative overhaul, take a look here for some samples.

I couldn't love this rebrand more! It's so minimal, so brave, and so beautifully simple in execution. You'll not fail to recognise a Revolutions beer from any distance from the bar, with the bold, two colour executions, simple typography and circular graphic motif (inspired by the grooves on a record of course) enclosed in it's sleeve shaped square on the cask clips. The keg fonts and can designs continue the theme to great effect, but with different use of the key elements appropriate for the space and shape available.

The beers are still named (as before) as a nod to a particular song, album or artist, only this time using a single word, and instead of pastiches of the associated artwork, the two main colours from the record sleeve has been employed for the colour palette - genius! 

As Jon from husband and wife team ELG explains:

"It was an exciting project to work on because we came in right at the beginning of the process meaning that the reach of the rebrand included refining the range of beers as well. The project became about the identity of the brewery as a whole and not just changing the look, which gave us more scope to explore ideas.

We had a lot of conversations about where the company started back in 2010, what the intentions were and what they felt the identity was. Two things that stood out were the music influences of Mark and Andrew (Directors of Revolutions Brewing Co.) and their intention to focus on a small, straightforward range of quality beers.

We wanted a consistency of artwork and a good use of colour - the beer was the focus though and, whilst the artwork needed to be eye-catching, we wanted to keep the message simple. We wanted to convey consistency, simplicity and quality.

We decided on strong, one-word beer names for all the core range beers, drawing inspiration from punk, post-punk and new wave bands - Andrew and Mark's favourite genres. We wanted the design to come across like an independent record label, specialising in compilations - with a degree of neutrality. The clips and cans would maintain the same design and proportion but there would be a nod towards the name's musical reference in the colour choice. Two colours from the original artwork, from single or album.

In addition to the core range, there will be six specials a year with more mainstream musical references that will give us an opportunity to be a little more playful with the template."

Imagery courtesy of Revolutions Brewery. Reproduced by kind permission.